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Why Choose Us?

  • Life is short.  Problems are normal.  You don't have the time or the money to waste on some endless pursuit of "talking therapy" methods that sometimes can be quite valuable in themselves; but only partially resolve some issues, and are ineffective in solving many problems.
  • Hypnotherapy is a proven alternative integrated technique for resolving many problems naturally. 

  • Hypnotherapist Jim Wilson, M.A. believes in utilizing the powerful techniques of hypnosis to completely and as rapidly as possible make the changes you desire.
  • This will free you to live a more abundant and fulfilled life.

  • You will be successful in achieving your goals.

  • Jim is experienced in resolving a wide variety of problems
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  • You will benefit from his 29 years of experience in the practice of hypnotherapy and his 39 years of experience in the practice of clinical psychology.
  • You will receive hypnotherapy that is based on sound principles of psychology.  Jim is licensed as a Certified Psychologist by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • He will not sell you "packages" for services that you might not need.  You will get the help you want and need.
  • Jim Wilson will take the time to listen to you and get a good understanding of your problems, and the obstacles you've encountered in trying to solve them in the past. Together we will come up with a practical customized hypnotherapy plan for overcoming these obstacles and resolving these problems.
  • Jim will take the time to explain how and why hypnosis works, so that you get a good understanding and will achieve the results that you desire.
  • He will support you with any follow up sessions, if needed, so that the results you achieve are lasting. Often, follow-up sessions are not needed to achieve lasting results.

  • You will benefit from a recording of the session, and from simple and easy "self-hypnosis" training.


Jim will try very hard to accommodate your schedule.  Usually you can be seen within 48 hours for an appointment.  Naturally, evening hours are more in demand and may require more notice.


James Wilson, M. A., L. M. F. T.   Certified Hypnotherapist   Certified Psychologist   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Professional Towers, 4010 DuPont Circle Suite 576  Louisville, KY 40207
Doctor's Park   1517 Nicholasville Road Suite 302     Lexington, KY 40503

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