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About Hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy works because it engages your emotions and your subconscious mind experientially in a positive way to overcome subconscious resistance to change.

  • Whether you wish to stop smoking, control weight, or overcome anxiety and panic, hypnotherapy empowers you to discover, access, and utilize your internal positive feelings and thoughts in a holistic way to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.  Hypnosis taps these underutilized brain resources to achieve your goals!

  • Hypnotherapy taps the creative power of the imagination.  Inner realities central to your positive identity are discovered.  Intuition and insights automatically come to you for your benefit.

  • Sometimes people have not had a successful experience with hypnosis because they have not been taught the simple art of "not trying" and "not thinking".  These basic concepts can be learned in two minutes, paving the way for a successful hypnotherapy experience.

  • In hypnosis, you actually are in control, but in a deeply relaxed way.  Your concentration is enhanced, and the power of desired suggestions is strengthened.  You do NOT blank out, you do NOT lose consciousness, and you do NOT go to sleep.  Nothing happens without your permission and consent.  The techniques we use respect your freedom and your privacy completely.  This is why HYPNOSIS WORKS for everyone who wants it to work, except in rare and unusual circumstances (see programs).

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to energize the power of the subconscious mind in simulating success patterns to achieve in-depth preparation for business and/or personal challenges.

  • Transfer strengths from one area of your life to another.  Learn how to utilize all of your mind and emotions in an integrative manner to reach peak performance in any area.

  • Become a more loving and more loveable person by tapping subconscious processes through hypnosis.

  • Become your own self-hypnosis expert . . . Unlock your hidden potential

  • Reprogram yourself.


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