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Hypnosis Combined with Other Therapies

The professional Hypnotherapist utilizes hypnosis based on sound psychological principles to create the positive changes you desire at a lasting subconscious level. James Wilson, M.A. has been trained and experienced in both Psychology and Hypnotherapy and is able to efficiently and effectively help you make the changes that you want and need in your life.


The Power of Combining Hypnotherapy with
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy has proven to be much more effective than traditional "talking" psychotherapies even without the addition of hypnosis.  It is based on the idea that you can learn to control your thinking, reframe problems, and so control how you feel and act, and therefore, change the consequences you experience in life as a result of your thinking and behavior.  Hypnosis simply accelerates cognitive-behavioral therapy so that lasting results can be obtained even more rapidly.

Self-hypnosis is taught so that you may easily, comfortably, automatically, and agreeably reinforce the positive life changes that you have decided to make. 

Recordings are made of the sessions so that you can reinforce the changes you desire.

We guarantee our results with a follow-up support session at half-price.  Most people do not need it.  One session programs usually are sufficient to stop smoking, control stress, or lose weight.  More than one session typically is necessary to resolve ongoing anxiety or depression problems, but typically those sessions are covered by insurance.


James Wilson, M. A., L. M. F. T.   Certified Hypnotherapist   Certified Psychologist   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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